Finally Friday!

Every time Friday rolls around, I think of that George Jones song "Finally Friday." Anybody else? I remember it always being played on the morning radio shows on my way to work when I commuted. I digress. I'm rounding up my 5 on Friday!

So I know I am behind on this but my husband & I just started watching Breaking Bad. It is INSANE. At times it can be gory but at the same time SCARY. Holy crap, that guy Tuco?! I had to pull the covers over my head because he was SCARY. What are y'all's thoughts?

I picked up a couple things from Ulta this week when I went in to get my eyebrows waxed. {They actually do a pretty good job!!} I can never go in there for just one thing. Ulta is just like Target for me. I have a list but I come out with ohhhh 10 extra things. Oops!

Did you catch my post on #NSale Early Access picks? The site crashed yesterday as I'm sure ALL of you know, and it was just insane. I only picked up one item from the actual sale and then another top. I may go in to the store this weekend. I like to try stuff on first especially for brands I don't wear often.

I have been looking into the iPhone 7+. Is the camera really all that much better than the 6+? I heard that it also is waterproof up to a certain depth/time. I may upgrade before our trip to Montana but wanted to get some opinions first.

My 30th birthday is around the corner & I am just not sure what I want. I always have a list running in my head but I think since it's such an epic birthday, it needs to be something special. How did y'all celebrate or what would/did you ask for? All my friends (minus 1) are turning 30 this year in a matter of 8 months. I can't believe it.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


#NSale 2017 Picks!

I am not your average blogger. I was not up in the middle of the night crafting my post and buying crazily from the #NSale. But there are LOTS of good stuff. I am sure you have read many or seen lots of posts already about it. And you will continue to probably until it is over. Every blogger is talking about it. I thought I'd share a few of my picks that I liked. Early access opened today through July 20th with a Nordstrom debit or credit card. It will open to the public July 21-August 6.


S W E A T E R S  &  J A C K E T S


A T H L E T I C  W E A R


B E A U T Y  &  S K I N CA R E

Happy Shopping y'all! And be sure to let me know what you are getting.


Fiesta! Fiesta!

Happy Monday friends! Having 4th of July on a Tuesday really puts a damper on the "long" weekend especially if you have to work today. But it's one of the BEST holidays! I have my red shorts ready for tomorrow. I can't wait. I was thinking how last year at this time we were in Boone for a long week with my parents. I am missing the cooler weather that's for sure.

This past weekend, B and I hit up an old favorite to grab beers and pizza. It was fun but LORD was it HOT. It's been in the 100s here lately. Wearing an easy breezy top was key. This super fun top from Loft was PERFECT. It doesn't cling to you, the colors are so pretty, and it's "off the shoulder" but you get to wear a regular bra! I'll be the first to tell you, pulling on a strapless bra, with sweat running down your back is just not cute. Don't deny yourself....I know you've been there.

The shorts are old, but Old Navy has them again this year. I would suggest sizing up if you don't particularly like a tighter fit on your legs. That's the last thing I want in a jean short. Although, I've heard they do stretch out in the leg a little bit the more you wear them. These sandals....I loved them so much I bought them in both colors (here & here). They are 20% off with code 'JULY4' making them a STEAL. Yes, they are super comfy!! And the sunglasses...you've heard me talk about the brand Quay over and over. I'm just obsessed.

Our countdown to vacation has started, and I am so anxious to go. It's like we are waiting all summer before all the vacay fun starts. It will be WORTH it. You can read about some of the things I've picked up for it, here. I hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE July 4th. Thanks for reading!!


Five on Friday -- Life Lately

Hello Friends! How's everybody's summer going so far? I feel like we've been going nonstop with just life and work. Nothing all too much fun.

Our summer travel doesn't start until the beginning of August with a trip to Montana with the first part of our trip staying near Glacier National Park. We will be with B's family, and I am SO excited. We were in Montana a couple years ago and didn't get the chance to go to Glacier so I am REALLY excited.

I've stocked up on some essentials for hiking while we're there. I actually got the shorter Patagonia shorts in the color "Craft Pink." I love these shorts because they are quick dry. 

T W O 
I also just  recently got a new pair of Quay Australia sunglasses. I am obsessed and have been wearing them every day since I got them in the mail. 

I just started Whole 30 this week. I have been doing OK but Lord it is TOUGH and so aggrivating looking at every label of every food you pick up. Needless to say, I am OVER guacamole. This whole week I've had guacamole on everything. Any tips or tricks or good recipes from anyone who has done Whole 30? I am following along on Instagram with the Whole 30 feed and the Whole 30 recipes. Oh, and these are fixing my sweet tooth!!!

But seriously, is this not the truth?

F I V E 
I am transitioning to a new job so it has been hectic to say the least. I will be doing a little more traveling so I am excited about that. I am still with my company just a new area. So sorry for the radio silence!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & thanks for stopping by!!!



Doing it for me

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am coming off a high of a great race last weekend and then this morning seeing two different Instagram posts that just got me fired up. Fired up in a good way. Last weekend my husband and I both ran the Sunshine Run 10K here in Austin. Last year, I only ran the 5K. I had never run a 10K race but have run 2 half marathon's between last year's Sunshine Run and this year's.

I am ALWAYS a little anxious for races; some more than others. I can be snappy to B with "Hurry up and park. Get your stuff and let's get to the start line!" I don't mean it at all. It's all the adrenaline, and he knows it. I mean, I cried before my first half because I was legit scared and because I couldn't believe that it was actually happening. I've said it once, & I'll say it again...the man is a saint for putting up with me.

I am the first to admit that I am not fast. I am not out to be first, second or third. [Side note: Yes, I would love to get there someday maybe, but right now, it's about me.] I am out to race against myself. To be better than what I ran in the race before. Every race gets better and better. This past race, I had under a 10 minute mile the entire time. This is huge for me. I am usually always pretty comfortable around 9:30-10 minute miles. But to be under it the entire time, and having to walk up a steep hill partially, I was STOKED. This was a PR for me. I am not sure that some people understand fully what that means.

I run because I love the adrenaline I get on race days even if I can be crab before the start gun goes off. I run because I love breakfast tacos a little too much. But first and foremost, I run to be better than the runner me before. 

Second thing I am fired up about this morning....race pictures. One of my most favorite runner Instagrams is "MilePosts." She always is so upbeat, so encouraging, and so REAL.Go follow her if you aren't already. She posted this morning comparing 2 pictures from 2 different races. Her post was to show the difference in her legs - one picture with cellulite and one picture with toned legs. A lot of us get so caught up in posting the "perfect" picture because that's what social media has turned into these days. I am definitely victim to this. It is my wish to encourage EVERYONE who's out there getting after it. Post your pictures no matter what race you did, how you placed, or how gross/sweaty you may feel. YOU. EARNED. IT.

I always get so excited when I see someone out there. You can tell they're uncomfortable. You can tell that it hurts them. You can tell that they'd just rather not be out there. I always get a huge smile on my face and make sure they know they are doing a great job. I passed runners this weekend who I was just SO excited for. "GET AFTER IT GIRL!" "You are a doing a great job!" "Keep it up!" Let me tell you, it goes a long way. When you want to quit and someone is there noticing how hard you're trying, the encouragement goes for miles. No pun intended.

So if you are thinking about starting to run or maybe you are running, but you aren't ready to take the next step and sign up for a race, do it! I know it's hard. I know it's scary. I know you might feel like you are the only one out there just busting your a** to get a mile in, but I am PUMPED for you. I will be your biggest cheerleader. If you are in Austin, I would love to run with you. I would love to race with you. I would love to encourage you.

I am not a professional runner by any means. I am just excited for you to get out there and try your best...at whatever it may be. Be a better you than the day before. We all start somewhere.


Five On Friday -- BFFs Wedding Recap!

Happy Friday. And Happy CINCO DE MAYO!!!! I will be finding myself some tacos and a margarita tonight. This was a short week for me, but it has still been dragging.

Last weekend was spent in Charleston for one of my BFFs weddings...and I think our entire group has all been recovering ever since. We always have so much fun together and when the group is ALL together, it's just insane. We hadn't all been together in one place since my wedding, I think. This is pretty much a picture dump but I hope you enjoy it.

{1} My friend's wedding was on Sunday. We actually got into town that Friday and really jumped into the festivities. We stopped by and saw my Grandmomma and took her out to lunch and then headed over to our friends' house where we were staying. All of us back together is just pure joy. Lots of laughing, drinking, and catching up.

{2} Saturday was rehearsal and rehearsal brunch at Tavern and Table on Shem Creek. It was wonderful. I can't explain to y'all what smelling that salt water and pluff mud does for my soul. It was so good to be back at home! That night the rest of us hit downtown for dinner and drinks on King Street, Stars & Republic to be exact.

{3} Wedding day came and our bride was a beautiful as ever. We had so much fun getting ready and having hair and make up done. I HIGHLY recommend Charleston Lash and Beauty. They were awesome ladies!!

{4} I gave my matron of honor speech and was SO nervous. It was very personal to both the bride and groom. I don't ever do 'generic.' It was my first speech ever and my friends said I did a great job. It was a blur to me!!

{5} Monday came so quick and both B and I were DEAD. We were up early to drive to the airport and return the rental and head back to Austin.

The weekend was so wonderful and we miss our friends dearly. I may or may not have bawled at the very end of the wedding and told my friends, "Please don't go home yet. I miss you too much." Heavy pours of wine and good times with our best friends will get me every time. They are all family to me.

I've got a 10K this Sunday with Brian so I'm hoping I can rally for that. This almost 30 year old lady just can't quite recover like she used to! Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!!


Instagram/Weekend Round Up!

I started this post yesterday, but Monday just totally kicked my butt. So here we are Tuesday! Seriously, weekends are just too short. Regardless, this week will be flying since it is a short week for us. We fly to CHARLESTON (my hometown for those of you who don't know) on Friday BRIGHT & EARLY for one of my best friend's weddings!

I thought I'd share briefly with y'all weekend outfits. It got a bit chilly & windy this past weekend in Austin. We were supposed to have friends in town this weekend, but unfortunately they couldn't make it last minute.We were bummed!!

Friday night we did a little date night and tried out El Burro over off S. Lamar. I wouldn't recommend it. We walked over to The Alamo Drafthouse bar call The Highball. It was neat and we definitely want to come back and watch a movie there. They have dinner & cocktails & reallyyyyy nice chairs from what I hear. I was dying to wear some of my purchases from Loft.

I feel like I could have gone down a size in the shorts. Lately, I feel like Loft is running a bit large on me (but hey that isn't a bad thing right?!). These shorts a ridiculously comfortable & they are nice and cool for the hot summer that's ahead. You could dress these up even more or dress them down. It's your choice. Very versatile. And the top, get 'em y'all. They just go with everything. I picked up another in the color "Light Prairie Blue."

Since Saturday was Earth Day, I wanted to get out and walk Town Lake with Gopher. We grabbed coffees on the way. It was a little misty and windy, but it lightened up and we had a nice time walking and talking. Usually every time we are at Town Lake, we are out running. It was really nice to spend time that way. We ended up doing 4 miles round trip and Gopher was TIRED. He is normally the kind of dog who stands up the ENTIRE car ride. On the way home, he laid down. HA! He is technically a "senior," but he is still pretty spry.

Saturday was spent at two new breweries, Live Oak Brewing & Friends and Allies. Live Oak was beautiful because it was surrounded by, you guessed it, Live Oaks. It's right near the airport and really pretty. They have the industrial string lights through the oaks with lots of picnic tables. It would be so nice to go at night when it wasn't so blustery. Only thing here...no dogs allowed. Sorry guys!

I recently bought this sweater from Loft. I was thinking to myself, Haley, you're in Texas. You aren't going to be wearing this anytime soon. Well guess what!? Saturday proved worthy of this summer sweater. It is soft and not itchy at all. The stitch in it is large so it gives you that beachy feel. 

Friends and Allies was our last stop and it was pretty cool. They were having their grand opening. It was PACKED. And if you want to bring your dog...this is the place. Dogs were EVERYWHERE. I was in heaven.

I am thinking about doing a haul on some recent items I've purchased from Sephora & Ulta. Stay tuned for that later this week.


Weekend Recap: Easter 2017

Happy Monday y'all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Ours started early with Good Friday off. Actually, we hit up Grassy Thursday at a local brewery called St. Elmo. Y'all it was so fun! They had several guys and a girl playing bluegrass. I felt right at home. We are definitely going back! It won't take much to get Brian to go.

I really wanted to "sleep in" on Friday, but I got my butt up for a 6:15 workout on the east side of town with a new trainer starting at CG. Who knew I liked track workouts?! I grabbed a coffee at one my favorite shops afterwards. B ended up having to work a half day but turned out okay.

We had a late seafood lunch at Clark's. My husband grew up Catholic and is for the most part still practicing so during Lent, it's always seafood on Fridays. I ain't complaining. It's funny because I grew up in the Baptist church and some of the Catholic ways are just mind blowing to me. At the start of Lent, B went to Ash Wednesday during his lunch...the priest put it so eloquently... "If it's got feet, ya can't eat." So now I always joke that.

Clark's is probably hands down one of my absolute favorites in Austin. From the food to the ambiance, it's just fantastic. It will put a hole in your pocket but when you are far away from the beach, and you're FROM the beach, it's worth it.

Saturday I had a hair appointment...just for a trim since we have one of my best friend's weddings coming up in 2 short weeks. Everyone will be reunited and I am so excited!! I stopped by the mall after and picked up a couple things. I got this sweater from Loft (They are having 50% off right now and free shipping with code CYBER.) and my first (gasp) items from Lululemon: here & here. {Disregard that dirty mirror and pile of laundry needing to be folded...real life folks.}

That afternoon we had a crawfish boil with our neighbors... T H I R T Y pounds, y'all! It was CRAZY! Oh and don't forget, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn too. Needless to say, we are having crawfish/shrimp etoufee for dinner tonight. Stay tuned!

Sunday we went to church and of course it was packed. We actually had to sit outside the sanctuary in the little room before you walk in. It was insane. Great service & lunch at Opa! afterwards. We were super low key the rest of the afternoon which was wonderful.

And back to it today, I have GOT to kick my butt in gear. The Easter candy y'all! It is the devil. It really is my favorite of all the seasons...I just love everything in pastel wrappers or shaped like eggs. So. dang. cute. I'll leave you with this cute picture of our pup.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Five on Friday: Randoms!

I don't know why but Wednesday and Thursday felt like they should have been Fridays. And thank the good Lord that it's finally here! The weekend weather is shaping up to be really pretty & I am so excited for weekends with my hubs. We are always exploring & when the weather is beautiful....there is no sitting around inside. Well, maybe for just a little bit since it is Masters weekend. We always watch on Sundays (like every 12 other billion people do). I love good reactions to a win at the Masters because it can make the most grown man boohoo like a baby a la Bubba Watson in 2012. THE BEST. Anyways, I've got just some random thoughts for y'all today. Bear with me.

I had to laugh at myself and wonder what the Amazon shipment packers thought of me. I had ordered some Nespresso pods, this all natural charcoal teeth whitener (more on that later!) & some rescue remedy (for my dog). I probably looked like a total psycho. The Nespresso pods and the teeth whitener came in the same box...how ironic? I am still loving our Nespresso and it has kept me from going to Starbucks. Honestly, I like my at home lattes a lot more.

I have recently come to the conclusion that not all people will reciprocate the effort or thoughtfulness you put into something. B (my husband) is my sounding board. I can go off on a rant about it and question everything and just be straight pissed to be frank. He always comes back with the truth but in a calm manner. He is complete opposite of me and for that I am SO grateful. The man keeps this crazy over the top lady somewhat grounded. End rant!

I have recently been on a Clinique kick. Maybe because it's the first set of makeup when you walk through the doors at my Ulta. Touché Clinique! I picked up a couple things yesterday. I also picked up a Stila blush that is a liquid. It is SO beautiful and gives a slight dewy look. I'm obsessed. I got the color, "Rosewater."

here // here // here

If you want to see something funny, I did a 5 minute makeup challenge over on the blog that my bffs' and I blog at. It was my first YouTube video. #JudgementFreeZone

I had to share this sweet picture of my Gopher. He was sitting out on the balcony just sniffing and listening to the birds this morning. It was so cute. #crazydogmom

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Spring Basics!

Spring is in full force, and I am loving it. Well maybe minus the temperature swings we have almost daily here. Oh well. I picked up this cute navy top (Ruffles are synonymous with spring right?) while I was in Boone a couple weeks ago. I got it from the Loft Outlet and apparently they don't have a website?? I apologize for that but do not fear, I'll be linking some similar options for y'all. One of which is practically identical!

If you have been reading here for any time, you know that these jeans are hands down my favorite. I have so many pairs, and they just fit so well. They suck you in in all the right places. I have two pair of the white. I should probably buy another pair. And heads up, they are currently on SALE. Pairing navy and white will NEVER go out of style. I think it looks clean, polished and CLASSIC.

I wore this outfit for date night out to Mongers Market + Kitchen last Friday. It was SO yummy. We shared shishito peppers for an appetizer and had awesome fish tacos & grouper for our meal. And, the rosé was fabulous too! We hit Blue Owl Brewing after and tried their beers which all happen to be sours. It's an acquired taste that's for sure. If you ever find yourself in Austin, check them both out. They are right across the street from each other. Both are in East Austin which we really love that side of town. Think artsy & eclectic. It's also much quieter.

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: LOFT Outlet Similar
Shoes: Merona
Earrings: JCrew Outlet
Clutch: Tory Burch Similar

Be sure to shop the look below. The first top is almost the exact same. Even down to the key hole button & it's totally affordable! I hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday! Half way there, y'all! HALF WAY. 


Easter with Francis + Benedict

I can't even begin to tell y'all how excited I am about this outfit I put together for Easter. When we shot this look Friday, I wanted to stay in it the rest of the night. It is just too fun!!I had heard about Francis + Benedict probably about a year or so ago. They are a 501(c)(3) company based out of Charleston, SC who employ & empower Togolese seamstresses in making these stunning skirts. The profits go right back to Togo to help their community & help benefit those in need. I think it is so awesome and makes your skirt of choice extra special. The prints are awesomely beautiful, and their newest collection has me wanting another.

Another thing I know you'll love, POCKETS! What is it about pockets in a skirt or dress that just makes us lose our minds?! HA! The material is very sturdy and holds it's shape very well, yet at the same time, very cool. Girls living in the South need as much "cool" as we can get when it comes to the summer months. Francis + Benedict also offer two other skirts, a midi and mini, for those who want something a bit shorter. If you aren't sure about sizing, their online sizing guide is dead on.

I paired my St Tropez skirt with a cream blouse, some nude wedges, and a dainty gold necklace. The skirt speaks for itself, and I like to keep it that way. No distractions! After all, it is the star of the show. Can't you tell I love it so much?

Right now, Francis + Benedict is offering a 20% off maxi skirt purchase and free shipping if you use code Maxi20. Now is your chance to snag one of these beautiful skirts. I promise you won't regret it. Twirling in a full skirt is just way too much fun.

This is not a sponsored post...I'm just obsessed with my skirt. 

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